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This Isn’t the Type of Blog Management Service You’re Used To

If you’ve come to this page, chances are you’ve researched blog management services. You’ve also probably seen some similarities. Most of the options out there are about the same, and they share the same issues.

With Other Blog Managers, You’re Usually Dealing With An Agency, And That Means Overhead

Most blog management services are offered by agencies. You have an account manager handling your billing and communication, a content manager developing your blog topics, a writer providing your copy, a designer handling layout and images, and often a fifth person just to write social media posts about the content. Those people usually all have department heads, as well. That’s a lot of people involved in every single blog post, and the result is all-too-often bland content that could be found on any blog in the industry.

Those five people I mentioned above? I have been each and every one of them. I know what they do and how they do it. More importantly, I know how to streamline the process and make sure your content is compelling and unique.

Involving All of Those People Sends the Cost WAY Up

You probably haven’t seen a lot of prices on the websites of other blog management services. That’s to prevent sticker shock. When you do find the prices listed, you’re looking at about $100 for a 400-word post, and the vast majority of that does not go to the person who actually wrote the content.

When you hire TurtleChelle Creative, you’re just dealing with me, and $100 monthly will get you two 500-word blog posts, each with one image and content for 2 social media posts. Of course, your blog might need more monthly posts or longer pieces, or you might prefer just one longer post each month. We’ll discuss your needs and come up with a plan that works for your business, based on the price point of $100 per 1,000 words.

With Multiple Writers, Your Brand’s Voice Can Get Lost

When you go with an agency for blog management, you’re just about guaranteed to have your blog posts written by different writers each time. Many use contractors or 3rd party services to find writers. Some even brag about their use of large networks of writers, which shows a frightening lack of understanding about how a blog should support a company’s branding.

I understand that your business has a voice that matches your brand, and 20 years of writing professionally has given me the ability to compose prose in whatever voice your brand requires, from formal to whimsical and everything in between. Businesses I have blogged for include law firms, medical practices, cannabis dispensaries, pet supply companies, precious metals dealers, guitar teachers, holistic health practitioners, nonprofits, technology companies, plumbers, HVAC companies, solar energy suppliers . . . honestly neither of us have time for the full list, but you get the idea.

You won’t see my clients’ logos here, though, and if you hire me, you’ll never hear me mention my affiliation with your company unless you ask. When you buy blog management services from TurtleChelle Creative, those posts are written on behalf of your business, and they belong to you.

Want Affordable Blog Management That Truly Promotes Your Brand?

Each blog entry I create is devised to be compelling, unique content that your target customer will appreciate. Ready to see what I can do for your blog’s traffic and visibility?

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