Throwing my creative impulses against the wall to see what sticks
TurtleChelle Creative is Sleeping

I have a 9-5 now that I really dig, so TurtleChelle Creative is not currrently taking new clients.

But I Need a Copywriter!

I still consider projects from friends and former clients. If you fit one of those categories, shoot me a text.

Otherwise, I suggest TextBroker. I wrote there eons ago, when I was first starting out, and you can get some great content there for reasonable prices. Just make sure to give your writers high rankings, and don’t ignore the bonus program. 

But I Need a Creativity Coach!

I’m currently looking into options for turning my “Enemies of Creativity” curriculum into an online course. Keep checking back!

OK, but what is this site now?

I use this site for testing themes and techniques, practicing and improving my Elementor skills, and just generally playing with design. I hope to start blogging eventually, but life gets busy, you know? Fingers crossed!

You might see something ugly here from time to time, but don’t judge. I’m sure I was trying something.

As you can probably see, at the moment I’m indulging some of my more fanciful impulses. I don’t get to be this fluffy professionally, so as I said, don’t judge. You’re lucky this page isn’t full of animated sparkles.

Elementor is pretty cool, huh?

I mean, I was able to use the shape dividers setting to make a web page that looks like the Smoky Mountains, the 2nd most beautiful place in the US! That’s really cool!

What’s the 1st most beautiful place, you ask? It’s the Mississippi Delta, and it’s in peril. This year’s devastating flood went unreported in the current politically focused news environment. The people there there have suffered great losses, and no one is even talking about it. I don’t care which side of the political spectrum you fall on, the abandonment of our nation’s farmers should make you angry. I know I am.